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  • Ben Cooper

Mesa Mayor John Giles R Endorses Leftist Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is a radical leftist carpetbagger. John Giles, the Republican mayor of Mesa, Arizona endorses him anyway, over solid Republican challenger Blake Masters.

In a recent article we highlighted that the bigger a city becomes, the more likely it is to turn blue. It is no surprise then that the Republican mayor of Mesa Arizona, a city of around 500,000 residents, is a Republican in name only.

Mark Kelly isn't your average blue dog Democrat. He isn't even like Kyrsten Sinema who sometimes shows remnants of independent thought. Kelly is a rubber stamping radical fully in the tank for the Biden-Harris regime.

Giles was censured for his endorsement by the local Republican Party. Good on them. Even better would be to find actual conservatives to run for office and win.

Giles is in "good" company in the East Valley as the Republican mayors of Chandler and Gilbert have similarly awful records. Chandler mayor Kevin Hartke is working hard to turn his city into a woke homeless camp and has so alienated his base that the city council recently made a hard left turn because Republicans stayed home. Gilbert mayor Brigette Peterson appears to weigh plans for some kind of commuter or light rail to come to Gilbert and has recently used cops to rid herself of residents who silently held up sign critical of her.

East Valley Republicans should get their act together and nominate and elect more Biggs type figures instead of McCain style moderates that continue to hand over power to the left.



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