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  • Dan Bilder

Near Assault in Homeless Camp Sprawl. In Chandler Soon?

Just next to the Arizona Capitol in Phoenix is a massive homeless encampment. The area is filthy and feels unsafe. Chandler's homeless population is on the rise too. Video at end.

A massive homeless encampment encompassing several blocks just around 1/2 mile to the East of the Arizona State Capitol is apparently being tolerated by the City of Phoenix. While driving and walking through the encampment, a near assault could be witnessed (see picture above and video below). The public space has essentially been taken over by thousands of homeless people.

The encampment stretches roughly from Library Park at the intersection of Washington St and 12th Avenue at the North-West corner, to Jackson St and 9th Avenue on the South East corner. This means that the encampment is more than 1/4 square mile large. It appears to be growing as tents could be seen sprawling out into neighboring streets.

Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS), a non-profit organization, is located at the South-West corner of the encampment. CASS is housing several hundred homeless people in its buildings. A CASS representative indicated that their presence in this area attracts the homeless there.

The map below shows the approximate location and dimension of the encampment.

Homeless chaos coming to Chandler soon?

According to Chandler mayoral candidate Ruth Jones, homelessness is a growing problem in Chandler too. Jones says she has a heart for the homeless, but as mayor she would first and foremost represent the interests of the tax paying people that live in Chandler. Jones asserts that policies of the City of Chandler are attracting the homeless to the city.



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