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  • Dan Bilder

Private Charitable Clothing Swap Improves Chandler

The clothing swap near downtown Chandler is run by private citizens working together to provide free clothing and toys to Chandler families.

Without government incentives, penalties and interference, Chandler residents have come together to organize a bi-annual clothing swap just a few yards into a neighborhood South-West of the intersection of Pecos Road and Cooper Road.

The charitable action is organized by Chandler resident Christy who also administers the facebook group. Participants donate clothing some time before the swap event. Donations must be sorted by gender and size, and must be in good condition.

When we visited the event on Saturday, 19 Feb 2022, we saw at least 30 people sorting through the clothing at one time, with more families arriving by the minute. Families left with bags and boxes full of clothing and toys.

In addition to providing cheap clothing options, this event is also a wonderful way to reduce waste and clothes and toys are passed down from one child to the next.



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