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  • Dan Bilder

See Trains in the Garden Open Houses Draw Crowds

Model train enthusiasts invited people into their homes, free of charge, to admire intricate model train builds.

Without government incentives, subsidies or coercion, private model train enthusiasts opened their houses in the Valley of the Sun to visitors, free of charge. They showed off amazing model train builds stretching all around their homes and backyards. A steady stream of visitors took advantage of the opportunity to admire the trains and chat with the owners.

The event took place on Saturday and Sunday, 26 and 27 March 2022. Chandler was represented by John and Janet Vogt of the Willis Ranch neighborhood. They delighted visitors with a large train model town featuring a mix of battery powered and rail track powered model trains.

Model train operators have an organization with a website that people can use to stay up to date on events.



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