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  • Amber Chi

Interview with Liz Harris, Candidate for State Rep, LD13

Liz Harris is running in the Republican primary for State Representative in Legislative District 13, encompassing parts of Chandler and Gilbert.

Video of the Interview - 19 Minutes

Youtube recently remove this video. You can watch it on rival platform Bitchute instead, see below:


Election Integrity

Liz Harris's main campaign pillar is election integrity. She wants to eliminate mail in ballots for a few cycles, but keep absentee ballots. Harris recommends smaller precincts, strong voter ID and manual counting.

Harris did canvassing and says that people who claimed to have voted in person have been shown in the system to have voted by mail. She says there are people who claimed they voted, but don't show up in the system that registers votes in the 2020 election. Harris also refers to the movie 2000 Mules by Dinesh D'Souza.

She says that both parties cheat. Harris says that buying votes is nothing new. She did not talk about politicians, especially leftists, using welfare to buy votes indirectly using tax payer money.

To further cement her claims about election fraud Harris refers to Tina Peters having lost an election in Colorado after having led in the polls by a large margin. However, Tina Peters actually lost the 2022 Republican primary election, for Secretary of State, not the general election. Peters came in 3rd with around 130,000 votes. The winner received around 210,000 votes. The 2022 general election will feature Democrat incumbent Jena Griswold going up against the winner of the Republican primary Pam Anderson. Peters is paying $250,000 for a recount. She is on the hook for this because of the size of her loss. Peters is currently under indictment for allegedly having illegally copied data during her own investigation of 2020 federal election fraud in Colorado.

Voting laws appear to have been broken in numerous locations in the US in 2020, often using the Covid emergency that President Trump had declared as a justification. Many states have since then moved to secure their elections to prevent fraud in the future. The work done by activists to highlight possible fraud is important but there have also been grifters who used the opportunity to advance themselves. In Georgia for example Democrat operatives claimed election fraud to Republican voters. This may have depressed Republican turn-out in the two Senate election run-offs in early 2021, both of which narrowly went to far left Democrats Ossoff and Warnock, flipping the Senate very narrowly blue which is now a big help in Joe Biden's agenda to destroy the United States as we know it.

There may be two political risks associated with focusing too much on alleged election fraud. The first is that voters may tire of endless accusations of shenanigans, rather than focusing on present issues, like education, the border, inflation, recession and so on.

It's Easier to Claim Fraud than to Introspect on Mistakes Made

The second is that claiming something else was responsible can induce a mindset into Republicans that goes like this "we are great, people love us, we would have won, if it weren't for voter fraud". Yet, one of the greatest weaknesses of many Republicans is that they lose their nerve when the going gets tough, and this is why they lose elections.

Trump did well in his first 3 years in office when the situation was relatively calm and appeared to cruise to re-election. The economy was doing very well thanks to Trump's reforms, the national debt was somewhat under control, the judiciary was being reworked. But when the Covid panic hit, Trump faltered and was, for a brief but critical period of time, suckered in by the hucksters, and briefly abandoned basic conservative principles, as were many other conservatives. Ben Shapiro, for example was strongly pro-lockdown in Los Angeles, where he resided then. Trump said 15 days, then 30 days, which really meant 15 + 30 = 45 days of lockdowns to slow the spread, while putting uber-charlatan Anthony Fauci, a Democrat, on daily display, and in charge.

After the Las Vegas shooting, Trump signed an executive order banning bump stocks, thereby limiting the Second Amendment. His EO was later struck down in court. Trump also abandoned law and order when he stood by while BLM/Antifa burned down many American cities, leaving many of his constituents and supporters to fend for themselves. Tucker Carlson had recommended that domestic terrorists should be arrested, by federal agents if needed, and paraded in orange jump suits in front of TV cameras. Trump instead pulled back agents in Portland and later rolled out the so called Platinum Plan that was to hand out $500 Billion to black (but not white) Americans.

It is much better to never waver on basic principles. NEVER give government more power, NEVER limit freedom under any circumstances because doing so is literally The Road to Serfdom. Just say no. Don't do it. Hold the line, push back, always. The right usually does much better when it is strong, principled and firm, rather than a mere washed down version of the left.

Endorsed by Kari Lake

Harris is endorsed by Kari Lake, the current front runner in the Republican primary for Arizona Governor. Again, Harris is running for Representative of Legislative District 13, which has been newly drawn, see image below, taken from Ballotpedia.

Border Security

Harris wants to declare invasion at the border. She mentions child trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking as big problems and hence the need secure the border. Harris says that children get what she calls recycled. Adult illegal immigrants claim that they are the parents of a child in order to get easier admission into the US. Once in, the child is sent back to Mexico to serve other illegals as a justification for easier entrance into the US.

Harris wants to have the wall finished but also points out that the wall cannot be built on native American reservations. Harris also says that there are tunnels from Mexico to the US. She wants to destroy them and highlights the need to support border patrol and to possibly call in National Guard.

Harris said that when she visited Europe on a visitor's visa earlier in her life, there was no way she could have worked there as immigration laws are strictly enforced. She wants the same in the US, respect and uphold the immigration laws.


Harris wants to eliminate the state gas tax as well as the rental tax, although the rental tax is a city tax. Harris points out that gas prices are now around $5 per gallon, when under Trump they were around $2.


Like many other Chandler Republicans, Harris mostly defers on education by saying that this is up to school boards. This is odd given that education has become a winning issue for Republicans, winning them tough elections, such as in Virginia. Harris highlighted that federal dollars for school programs, including school lunches, are usually tied to conditions and strings. This can include following CDC guidelines or instituting certain transgender polices. She said schools should only accept federal dollars in an emergency. She added that her critics point out that Covid was actually declared an emergency. This begs the question what she would have done differently compared to what was done.

Civic Engagement

Harris recommends that people become a PC, a Precinct Committee Man, to get involved with their local political party. She says she recently switched gears realizing that a lot of politics happens at the local level and that often this affects ones life much more than what the federal government does.



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