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  • Ben Cooper

Liz Harris Joins Chandler, Gilbert GOP Inflation Protest

On 25 May 2022 Chandler and Gilbert Republicans assembled to draw attention to sky high inflation, including gas prices over $5 per gallon of regular.

Republicans from legislative districts 12, 13 and neighboring districts, encompassing Chandler and Gilbert, assembled at the corner of Gilbert and Germann Road to draw attention to extreme inflation, especially for energy prices. They were also highlighting the importance of election integrity measures like Voter ID.

Deliberate energy price inflation causes widespread economic problems

Joe Biden recently hinted that the energy price inflation we are currently experiencing is actually wanted. Speaking to journalists he indicated that he sees it as a tool to force people to abandon fossil fuels. However, fossil fuels still power between 80 and 90% of the US economy, including much of transportation. This means that high energy prices increase the price of nearly every good and service, causing widespread inflation.

The United States actually have vast fossil fuel resources. If unleashed, energy prices would drop, as they did during the Trump administration. Energy abundance is one of the cornerstones of wealth creation as every action, conveyer belt, robot, data center, office, factory, car and truck requires energy. Free market advocates prefer that different energy sources compete against each other freely.

Yet, while fossil fuels are heavily taxed, wind and solar are heavily subsidized. Electric cars on the other hand have technologically advanced so much, that even without subsidies many people now prefer them over gas powered cars. This shows that government intervention is unnecessary. It is also wasteful, unfair, regressive and oppressive.

The energy price inflation caused by the Biden/Harris administration's restrictive policies is already causing economic havoc. GDP growth in the first quarter of 2022 went negative. Originally estimated at -1.4%, it was just revised down to -1.5%. GDP growth estimates for 2022 and 2023 have also been revised down to just over 3 and 2% respectively. The Federal Reserve has indicated that interest rates will rise further to dampen inflation. Higher interest rates are typically coupled with slower economic growth.

Candidate for State Representative Liz Harris joined protest

Candidate for State Representative for LD17 Liz Harris was part of the protest. Harris indicated that if elected she would seek to lower state gas taxes to help somewhat cushion the rampant gas price inflation caused by the Biden administration. Other important issues for Harris are election integrity, border security, parental rights, school choice and keeping critical race theory (CRT) and social emotional learning (SEL) out of our schools.



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