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  • Mindy Walton

Rep Ruben Gallego D Calls Arizonans Fascists

Far left Arizona Rep Ruben Gallego, D, applauded Joe Biden's recent comments calling Republicans fascists and threatening the use of deadly force via F15s.

We'll let the capitalists compete for the contract for the rope we're going to use to hang them with. Vladimir Lenin - Soviet communist and mass murderer

Lenin's quote nicely describes the essence of the stupid party, Republicans who even at this stage urge patience and caution, and give the benefit of the doubt to the Biden-Harris regime. Kurt Schlichter recently called these people flaccidcons and there are indeed some people who would still urge restraint while in line to the gas chamber. The number of such folks, or at least their noises of restraint, have become weaker however, as more and more people on the right realize the true intent of the regime.

Joe Biden recently ordered an armed raid on Donald Trump's private residence. This is unprecedented in US history and is akin to communist and fascists states suppressing the political opposition with violence. This action follows public and excessive force arrests of former Trump officials such as Peter Navarro and Trump associates such as Roger Stone.

A short while after, Biden railed against what he called (MAGA) Republicans and called them semi-fascists. Then he essentially threatened that the US military would be sent with F15s to crush them. See video.

He and his actual petty-fascist AG Merrick Garland have called white supremacy the biggest domestic threat of violence, yet the country was burned down recently by Black Lives Matter and Antifa, both far left groups with extreme race hating members. Meanwhile the Biden-Harris regime has promoted people based solely on race and gender, deliberately overlooking more qualified candidates because of the "wrong" race and gender.

Defend yourself against a privileged attacker and you get thrown in prison, despite clear video evidence showing self defense. And yes, this will happen to you even if you're not technically white, but a Latino, or Asian.

Garland had before entertained a letter by the National School Boards Association, NSBA, to brand concerned parents as domestic terrorists and have them persecuted by the FBI. An earlier version of the letter even called for the military to be sent into school board meetings, presumably to shoot dead parents who object to critical race theory being taught to force masked children in public schools.

The opposition leader Trump, alas, is banned from all main social media platforms and google just removed his own platform, Truth Social, from the App Store.

Gallego all in

Arizona Rep Ruben Gallego is a member of the far left caucus of the Democrats. He apparently applauds all of this and indicated he is glad that Joe Biden is finally showing less restraint. One of Gallego's best donors/bundlers, alas, is flaccidcon Karrin Taylor Robson. Gallego specifically called out Arizonians (supporting MAGA) as fascists. This is of special concern also because Gallego sits on the House Armed Services committee.

Gallego, and Biden, are clever in that they try divide et impera, divide and rule, by verbally separating the McCainites from the MAGA Republicans. Let's hope that people don't fall for this age-old trick and realize that the radicals are coming after everyone.

Lessons from history

The Nazis started with the Jews, but once they were done, all of Europe was in ruins. The Soviets started with the Kulaks, once they were done, Eastern Europe was in chains, 10% of the Soviet population did forced labor in Gulags and tens of millions were deliberately starved to death or tortured and killed during the red terror campaigns. Same in Mao China. Same in Pol Pot Cambodia. Same in Idi Amin's Uganda or Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe. Individual life does not matter to authoritarians and their henchmen, goons and collaborators, only the party and the cult of personality.

When you and your children are in a Gulag doing forced labor, you may wish that you had worried less about decorum, and more about defeating the enemy at the ballot box when you still had the chance to do so. The chance to do so is still there. Will conservative who are wringing their hands about p*ssy grabbing comments realize the danger they are in and put their own lives and freedom above decorum?



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