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  • Ben Cooper

Activist CUSD80 Teachers - Lori Berger Levine

In this first of a series we look at publicly available information of CUSD80 teachers to highlight the many radicals lurking in this once noble profession. Evidence at article end.

In America, we often hear from the right: it's George Soros, it's big tech money, it was election fraud; all political opponents/events that are far away and even abstract. While these should not be dismissed, the main reason for our predicament, our slide into Marxism/Fascism, is that there are many people in this country, indeed in our communities, who do not wish us to be free. Due to the decades long infiltration of the public education system by these people, many of them now have authority over our children in the classroom, although many good and even excellent teachers also still remain.

This series aims to highlight CUSD80 teachers, in particular CUSD80 teachers who are teachers union activists. This is done using publicly available information, much of which has been published by the teachers themselves. As many readers know, the teachers unions are essentially part owners of the Democratic Party. Unionized public school teachers, like black Americans, are an almost perfect block vote for the left, as 90% or more of them reliably vote for the left, including the radical and even militant left. Teachers unions are also the biggest political donor to the left, giving more money than even the most generous of corporations. Teachers unions have so much political clout that they were able to influence the CDC to recommend school closures during Covid and had a big hand in setting the FBI and DoJ onto parents who spoke up in school board meetings.

Leftist, union activist, CUSD80 teacher of 1st graders

Lori Berger Levine is the Chandler Education Association, CEA, Representative at Jacobson Elementary School in Candler. In particular she teachers 1st grade, meaning 5 to 7 year olds. Her publicly available information suggests that this teacher is at least a leftist. That we are stopping short of suggesting she's a radical leftist doesn't necessarily mean she isn't one. The information, shown in images below, would make it appear that Berger Levine is:

  • Rabidly anti Trump

  • Pro Obama, the far left former President who set back race relations with his comments on Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin

  • Pro lockdowns

  • Hostile to home schooling

  • Pro higher taxes for families, presumably so that she gets paid a bigger salary

This doesn't necessarily mean that Berger Levine is trying to impose her political views on children. However, as a union activist she has a hand in the positions and actions the union takes. The CEA is led by Katie Nash, a frequent speaker at CUSD80 board meetings. As we have reported earlier, the CEA appears to be:



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