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  • Ben Cooper

Local Teachers Pledge Critical Race Theory Indoctrination

A small number of teachers in Candler, Gilbert and Queen Creek joined colleagues throughout state and country in signing a pledge to teach critical race theory.

The following signatories from Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek are listed on the campaign website. Joanna Auclair, Amy Shinabarger, Ann Cicero, Audra Johnson, Angela Thomas, Beth Herbert, Deanna Celaya, James Wallace, Judith Simons, Julia Palazzi, Melanie Ohm, Rachel Kulik, Shasta Payne, Teri Moser, Andrea Barker, Cary Tyler, Heather Gossler, Heather Schlemmer, Monica Darugna, Kaylie Aguilar, Kim Klett, Rebecca Garelli, Stefanie Campanella, Leda Devlieger.

Our research indicates that at least some of the signatories are indeed from real teachers in the East Valley. Julia Palazzi for example is listed on facebook as living in Chandler, although the profile appears to have been scrubbed.

Leda Devlieger is listed as living in Gilbert and working as a teacher. She shared posts supporting budget increases for schools and recently shared an NPR post insinuating that a black female sprinter who was denied a spot at the Tokyo Olympics after a failed drug test, was only denied because of her race, not because of the failed drug test.

On her social media profile Monica Darugna shares a post about the Yes for Chandler Students budget override campaign, which only narrowly passed after parents and tax payers mounted a last ditch effort to stop the override.

The Valley Telegraph has published a number of articles related to critical race theory. If you want to learn more, please follow the links below:



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