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  • Mindy Walton

Crucial Elections on Aug 2

Open and closed primaries will determine city, county and state governance as well as Arizona representation at the federal level. The left runs a strong electoral assault.

Chandler - Open Primaries - Could Preclude November General Elections

In the Chandler open primaries for city council anyone who gets more than 50% of the votes in the primary is automatically elected and doesn't have to run in the November 2 general elections. This means that the Aug 2 primaries will likely determine the make up of the city council going forward. Republicans are only running 2 candidates for 3 available spots, giving the Democrats a good mathematical chance to take the city council, in a red wave year no less... The following people are running.

In the Chandler open mayoral primaries two Republicans vie for mayor as Democrats are not running a candidate:

State-wide Education - Republican Primary

In the state-wide race for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, the head of the Arizona Department of Education, the following Republicans run in the primary to challenge incumbent Democrat Kathy Hoffman in the general in November.

Sapir is a newcomer to politics. She has garnered many endorsements and could be a fresh start to public education. If she can take on the powerful vested interests such as the teachers unions remains to be seen. Tom Horne was Superintendent before and has had some accomplishments regarding school choice in his first stint. Horne is on the older side however, at 77, although unlike Joe Biden, many older Americans are still fully with it. Michelle Udall has a history of siding against school choice in her current stint as State Senator.

Legislative District 13 - Republican Primary

For State Senator district residents in Chandler and Gilbert are stuck with JD Mesnard, who is a comparatively weak conservative with a history of bending to the will of the teachers unions. He has no primary challenger and will hence advance to the general election in November. There he will be facing either Cindy Hans or Michael Morris, who both run in the Democrat primary.

For Representative - 2 slots - Republican primary voters have a choice between a number of candidates.

  • Liz Harris

  • Julie Willoughby

  • Joshua Askey

  • Ron Hardin

  • Don Maes

The Valley Telegraph recently interviewed Liz Harris, who is running mainly on the election integrity issue. Harris won in a Republican primary before but was then defeated in the general. Democrats are only running one candidate in the district, incumbent Jennifer Pawlik.

Arizona Governor - Republican Primary

For Arizona governor, former journalist Kari Lake runs against McCainite insider and former donor to Ruben Gallego Karrin Taylor Robson. Lake is ahead in opinion polls. She is endorsed by President Trump.

Arizona Senator - Republican Primary

Blake Masters is ahead in the opinion polls and is endorsed by President Trump. He is running against Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Jim Lamon.

Arizona Attorney General

President Trump has endorsed Abe Hamadeh. Other candidates running are Lacy Cooper, Rodney Glassman, a former Democrat, Andrew Gould, Dawn Grove, Tiffany Shedd and Nick Myers.

Other Races

Republican primary voters will also be able to choose candidates for Maricopa County Attorney, Maricopa County Supervisor and Maricopa County Clerk. In the statewide races they will be able to pick candidates for Attorney General, State Treasurer and Corporation Commissioners. They will also be able to pick candidates they wish to run for the US House.

Recommendations of the 300* + Committee for Constitutionally Conservative Candidates

After 6 months, and many long days, our committee is ready to make the following endorsements. As with any process we do not claim superiority or infallibility, but we do report that our efforts have been with sincerity, honor, and justice to the American Spirit and the Constitution of the United States of America. We have made every attempt to discover the inner spirit of each candidate and their desire to serve the citizens of Arizona. Because of scheduling constraints not every candidate received a personal interview; but all candidates have had their computer information sites examined and the information presented has been weighed with the same due diligence. We found no perfect candidates but what we did find was a slate of capable, energetic people with a desire to serve and share their ideas with the citizens of Arizona. (There were some districts that did not have Republican candidates.) We feel that the following individuals that we endorse will be able to make the greatest contribution to improving government in Arizona with the hope that in succeeding elections we may continue to retain and secure the liberties of every citizen of Arizona. Best wishes to all candidates as they continue in this cause. U. S. Congress SENATE: Mick McGuire HOUSE : CD-1: Elijah Norton CD-6: Brandon Martin CD-2: Walter Blackman CD-7: Luis Pozzolo CD-3: Jeff Zink CD-8: Debbie Lesko CD-4: David Giles or Kelly Cooper CD-9: Paul Gosar CD-5: Andy Biggs Arizona Executive Branch: Governor: Kari Lake Supt. of Public Inst.: Shiry Sapir Secretary of State: Mark Finchem Corp. Commission: Kevin Thompson Attorney General: Tiffany Shedd, Nick Myers State Treasurer: Bob Lettieri Arizona Legislative Branch Senator: LD 1: Steve Zipperman LD 15: Jake Hoffman LD 3: Jan Dubaukas LD 4: Nancy Barto LD 18: Stan Caine LD 5: Write In - Jeff Silvey LD 19: David Gowan LD 7: Kelly Townsend LD 21: WRITE IN - Jim Cleveland OR LD 8: Roxana Holzapfel Dan Dellinges LD 9: Robert Scantlebury LD 23: Gary Snyder LD 10: David Farnsworth LD 25: Sine Kerr LD 11: Maryn Brannies LD 27: Anthony Kern LD 12: Suzanne Sharer LD 28: Clair Van Steenwyk LD 13: J.D. Mesnard LD 29: Janae Shamp LD 14: Warren Petersen LD 30: Sonny Borrelli Representative: LD 1: Judy Burges, Quang Nguyen LD 14: Travis Grantham, Laurin Hendrix LD 2: Justin Wilmeth, Neil Desanti LD 15: Neil Carter, Jacqueline Parker LD 3: Joseph Chaplik, Darin Mitchell LD 16: Rod Hudelson, Teresa Martinez LD 4: Jana Jackson, Maria Syms LD 17: Rachel Jones, Cory McGarr LD 5: WRITE-IN Jennifer Treadwell LD 18: Linda Evans LD 7: John Fillmore, David Marshall LD 19: Lupe Diaz, Gail Griffin LD 8: Caden Darrow, Bill Loughrige LD 21: WRITE IN - Deborah McEwen LD 9: MaryAnn Mendoza, Kathy Pearce LD 25: Timothy Dunn, Michael Carbone LD 10: Justin Heap, Barbara Parker LD 27: Ben Toma, Kevin Payne LD 11: Tatiana Pena LD 28: Susan Black, Beverly Pingrelli, LD 12: James Chaston, Terry Roe LD 29: Steve Montenegro, Austin Smith LD 13: Liz Harris, Julie Willoughby LD 30: Leo Biasiucci, John Gillette or Marianne Salem Maricopa County Supervisor: District 2 -Thayer Verschoor Maricopa County Attorney: Gina Godbehere Maricopa Clerk of the Superior Court: Jeff Fine Respectfully submitted: Barbara Blewster Verl Farnsworth Jim O’Connor Patrick Wood Bill Blewster Dinah Lundell Khyl Powell *Our committee members have a combination of over 300+ years of political experience.



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