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  • Ben Cooper

Leftist Radical Joins Democrat Trio for Chandler Council

Cody Hannah, a Green New Deal activist social justice warrior, has joined the race for the 3 available seats on the Chandler City Council.

Incumbent Matt Orlando, woke Chandler Chamber insider Jane Poston, and far-left immigration activist Angel Encinas make up the Democrat ticket for the 3 available Chandler City Council seats. Opposing them from the right are only two Republicans, Darla Gonzales and Farhana Shifa. Because two current City Council Republicans - Terry Roe and Rene Lopez - are retiring from the council, this means that Republicans cannot expand their majority on the council and could lose it, depending on how their voters turn out for the August 2 primaries. If a candidate gets more than 50% of the ballots cast in these primaries, then this candidate is elected and doesn't have to go through the general election in November. This is because Chandler has a non-partisan, open primary system.

Joining the fray from the further left as a write in candidate is newcomer Cody Hannah.

On Twitter Hannah writes:

We deserve a city government that commits to the core values of Ecology, Democracy, Peace, & Social Justice! That necessarily includes passing a municipal NDO!

NDO refers to non-discrimination ordinance. Such an ordinance was used in Colorado by radical activists to persecute the Christian Masterpiece Cake baker Jake Phillips. Phillips won his case, but had to go all the way up to the US Supreme Court to do so. The SCOTUS justices sided with Phillips, against the Colorado Civil Rights Division, by a 7-2 margin.

Hannah has retweeted material accusing law enforcement of being racist. He retweeted a post from a twitter account named: BothPartiesAreNazis. Hannah favors so called de-growth, meaning shrinking the economy, making people poorer, and advocates for a 4 day work week without a cut in pay. Forcing this on corporations would require a fully planned, communist economy superseding the free market. This would lead to a situation similar to Cuba or Venezuela in the best case, or to Stalin-Soviet or Mao-China in the worst. Hannah retweeted an article advocating for more Covid panic as schools re-open. See the pictures in the gallery below.

Hannah retweeted divisive CUSD80 radical Lindsay Love who wrote:

It’s like you don’t see how police factor into criminalizing people who can get pregnant?

Love is thereby avoiding the use of the term "woman" by replacing it with the wokster phrase "people who can get pregnant".

Hannah, who appears to be an LGTBQIA+++ activist as well, on twitter accuses white NYC gays of being racist (inequitable) by tweeting:

We’re already seeing extreme inequities in monkeypox vaccine rollouts in places like NYC. We cannot make the same mistake here. Let’s start planning for a public health strategy for monkeypox in Chandler centered around equity now! Let’s be proactive rather than reactive!

And retweeting:

I'm about to share a thread about how white gays in NYC had access to the vaccine for monkeypox that were intended for Black and brown folks in Harlem.

Republicans have somewhat dropped the ball in Chandler by running only two candidates for the three available city council seats. However, they may have been handed a small gift by Hannah who may peel off a few votes from the Democratic candidates. Around a 1% vote total for Hannah can be expected, amounting to perhaps 500 votes or so. One twitter account indicated that they had voted for Cody Hannah and Matt Orlando.

Let's see if Republicans can make good use of this, otherwise Chandler will soon be run by people like Hannah and Encinas and may start resembling the vast homeless encampment found in Phoenix.



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