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  • Mindy Walton

Critical Race Theory in Practice at Chandler School

Critical Race Theory is firmly embedded in Chandler schools, because it's actively pushed by district staff. Video at the end of the article.

At the 23 Feb 2022 board meeting of the Chandler Unified School District, CUSD80, the Basha High School Student Body President updated the board about what's been going on at Basha High. One item on his agenda was Black History Month.

Basha High School Black Student Union sold bracelets, stickers and other items to raise funds. Would the school allow a White Students Union? There were black-owned food trucks on the Basha campus during the month of February, meaning the school excluded businesses owned by those who are not black from selling their goods, a clear violation of the equal protection clause of the US Bill of Rights.

This represents an example of the practical implementation of critical race theory (CRT) in Chandler Schools. CRT holds that blacks are an oppressed group and that in order to eliminate this oppression, Western civilization needs to be destroyed. One of the key tenets of Western civilization is meritocracy, meaning that people rise and fall based on their own merit.

Meritocracy stands in stark contrast to tribalism, racism and nepotism, which see people rise and fall based on family, racial or tribal relations. Meritocracy has produced much better results in terms of technological innovation, wealth creation and distribution, and freedom. Promoting a group of people based on race is diametrically opposed to meritocracy, and is aimed at its destruction, just as critical race theory demands.

CRT is deeply embedded in our schools. In the Chandler Unified School District it appears to be mainly pushed by CUSD80 Equity and Inclusion Director Adama Sallu. Sallu sits on a 6 figure pay package and appears to spend her time organizing and promoting institutionalized racism at CUSD80. CRT also seems to be heavily pushed by board member Lindsay Love. Love appears controversial among many parents for labeling those who criticize her as racist and white supremacist. CRT has many other proponents in the district. A small number of district teachers even signed a public pledge to teach CRT in Chandler schools.

CRT is also embedded in the curriculum, not directly via a class called "Critical Race Theory for 8th graders", but rather more insidiously by integrating snippets of it in all classes. Math can be labeled a tool of white supremacy. In history the indoctrinators can lie by omission or outright fabrication. Slavery is portrayed as an American invention, when in truth it has been around for thousands of years and continuous to be practiced today, most notably in Africa.

The goal is to indoctrinate children into hating themselves, their parents, their culture and their country in order to create a voting block that will vote in politicians who will dismantle Western civilization, meritocracy, the free market, religious liberty and freedom in general, and replace it with tribal/ethno socialism/Marxism.

In CRT the never materialized class struggle between workers and business owners envisioned by Karl Marx, is being replaced by a racial struggle. In order to make free people choose the slavery of communism, the people must be riled up, made afraid, indoctrinated with strong emotions such as hatred. CRT serves this goal by pitching groups of people against each other, labeling some as oppressed, others as oppressors.

Affirmative (positive) discrimination of one group has the same effects as negative discrimination against another group. Both are two sides of the same coin: racism. The US Supreme Court is currently deliberating a case brought by groups of Asian students who allege that Harvard University is discriminating against them in order to increase the number of black students. This law suit is laudable and hopefully SCOTUS will strike down affirmative action in college admissions. However, this is just one battle. Colleges and schools can adapt and carry on the practice by different means than the current outright discrimination. We should also be under no illusions. Had this case been brought by groups of white students, who also appear to be discriminated against, SCOTUS would very likely not even have heard the case. Our country's establishment media, much of the corporate world and a good proportion of even Republican politicians would likely have labeled such a lawsuit as racist and white supremacist.

The next CUSD80 board meeting is on 9 March 2022 at the W Frye Rd administrative building.

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