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  • Ben Cooper

Activist CUSD80 Teachers - Cathy Zinkhon

Zinkhon teaches PreK. She's a CEA union activist and appears to hold radical fringe left political views. Evidence can be found at the end of the article.

This is the second part of our series on activist and/or radical CUSD80 teachers. Cathy Zinkhon teaches PreK at the Shumway Leadership Academy in the Chandler Unified School District. According to her website, she is married with two daughters. Zinkhon is one of two Chandler Education Association, CEA, union site representatives at Shumway Leadership Academy, near The Islands, in North Chandler and Gilbert.

According to information published by Zinkhon herself, she appears to be:

  • Anti school choice, anti voucher

  • Pro mask

  • Pro abortion, presumably up to the 9th month

  • Pro higher taxation for families, presumably in order to increase teacher salaries

  • Pro BLM, Critical Race Theory, CRT

  • Pro cancel culture

  • Pro gender identity ideology

  • Pro propaganda via mainstream media

  • Pro socialism

  • Anti free market, anti capitalism

Zinkhon appears so far on the left fringe that she supported canceling Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, a leftist, from ASU via banning her from teaching social work there. She doesn't just oppose Sinema, she wants her fired for not being radical enough. Zinkhon appears to support a mandatory 30 hour work week, when we have just seen what happens when people stop working and making things, namely shortages and massive inflation.

Holding these views is not the same as imposing them on the children in her class. However, Zinkhon does state on her website that: I take the content and curriculum that is provided and mold and shape it into PreK-sized pieces that students will want to engage in and with, which does show a willingness to go off script. Such a willingness can be positive when it is used to enhance the learning experience, or it can be negative, when it is used to infuse the curriculum with politics, as many teachers throughout the country are doing and have done.

As a union activist Zinkhon has some hand in the views and actions of the teachers union. As we previously reported, the Chandler Education Association, CEA, appears to be:



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