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  • Mindy Walton

SCOTUS Rejects Parents, OKs Race Based School Admissions

Parents need to up the pressure to end Critical Race Theory for the good of their children. They cannot necessarily rely on being saved even by the conservative establishment.

The danger for parents and children around the country in general, and CUSD80 in particular, is that woke ideology further destroys public schools. As an example, CUSD80 has magnet schools such as the Knox and Weinberg Gifted Academies in North and South Chandler respectively. Admissions right now, officially, are based on results in gifted test scores. But this could easily be changed if the woke fascists, woksters, get the schoolboard to agree to changes in admissions policies, because "racial justice". One such apparent wokster, Lindsay Love, actually sits on the CUSD80 board. Though she is not not running for re-election, a would be successor has already emerged.

The political establishment has shown an amazing willingness to bow to woke pressure. For example, the City of Chandler has instituted and expanded diversity and equity policies. CUSD80 has a director for equity and inclusion, pushing CRT in schools. It is hence up to citizens in general and parents in particular to up the pressure and show firm resolve to defeat woke race-based fascism.

The particular case before SCOTUS, is that of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, the No.1 public high school in the United States. The school got there by having open enrollment on the one hand, and strict admissions criteria, based on standardized testing, on the other.

As with virtually all other areas of education, once the woke fascists, woksters, got a foothold, they immediately proceeded to poison a good thing by applying critical race theory, CRT. Since, for their liking, not enough black students passed the stringent admissions criteria, those admissions criteria must be racist and were simply changed, racial quotas instituted. High scoring Asian and White students, who make up the vast majority of the student body, now have to make space for lower scoring black students because "racial justice".

A coalition of parents sued, supported by the Virginia Attorney General. District Judge Claude Hilton ruled the race-based admissions policy unconstitutional and blocked it. The 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, then struck his ruling down, allowing the race-based admissions to go ahead. Now the Supreme Court followed suit, refusing a request for emergency relief to the 4th's decision. Only justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch would have granted the relief. 6 other judges, including Trump appointees Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney-Barret and Bush appointee John Roberts apparently refused the request. This means that for now, the legal process in lower courts needs to play out. But it could be an ominous sign that SCOTUS is unwilling to end race based admissions, affirmative action.

This should be a warning sign to parents that the forces behind critical race theory, race based admissions, child sexualization and woke curricula are very powerful. The Supreme Court often follows what it sees as emerging or already dominating cultural forces. As classic example was the legalization of gay marriage. Instead of waiting for the issue to be resolved at the state level, the judges bowed to cultural pressure and pre-empted.

Woke culture is dominant in the media, entertainment, education and the federal government. Ironically and sadly, new SCOTUS justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was picked for the positions, and confirmed with the help of 3 weak Republicans, because of her race and gender, while more qualified candidates who were not black women were excluded by Joe Biden from the very beginning.

SCOTUS has a chance to either end racist affirmative action in the US, or, cement it. SCOTUS's refusal to grant relief could be an ominous sign as other affirmative action cases are moving up its docket.



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